GEM Electric Cars

If you need an efficient and quiet way to get the job done, GEM is the way to do it. GEM offers 2, 4, and 6 seater vehicles and a variety of utility models. GEM cars are all electric and can travel 30-50 miles on a single charge. They are clean and very cost efficient to own/use (as little as $0.03 per mile!). You can customize GEM cars to do exactly what you need them to as well.  GEM cars prices range in price from $9,299 to $15,299 (depending on the model you select) and can be delivered to your door. GEM cars are a smart way to save money while still having the power and flexability to get the job done!

45 Macon Center Drive
Franklin, NC 28734

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Our Hours

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Labor Rate- $75 per hour

Full Service- $185+parts/fluids

(check/replace all fluids, spark        plug(s), air filter +general look over)

Oil Change-$38+parts and fluids


Our New Location
Our New Location
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